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        EUMW 2022

        Rohde & Schwarz at European Microwave Week

        Milan, September 27 - 29, 2022

        September 27 - 29, 2022


        Milano Convention Centre
        Milan, Italy


        Booth D18

        Test & measurement - from Gigahertz to Terahertz

        No matter which field of electronics you work in, Rohde & Schwarz measurement solutions help you speed up your design process and deliver outstanding, high-performance results.

        Want to know more? Visit us at European Microwave Week on booth D18 at the Milan Convention Centre, and see for yourself our latest test capabilities for microwave components, automotive and aerospace & defense applications as well as our path to 6G.

        Our experts will be glad to answer your questions and discuss your ideas.

        Test & measurement highlights

        RF and microwave component testing

        RF and microwave component testing

        Solutions to optimize the performance of your components

        Come and see for yourself the latest test and measurement solutions for component characterization in the RF and mmWave range that meet the demanding requirements of new technologies.

        • RF compoment test
        • Noise characterization
        • Phase noise measurement in D-Band
        • Deembedding for network analysis

        More information

        Test solutions for aerospace and defense applications

        Test solutions for aerospace and defense applications

        Catch up with our advanced test solutions for A&D applications including satcom, radio communications, and radar scenario simulation.

        • Beam hopping and interactive multimedia SatCom
        • Comprehensive characterization of satellite/ high-gain receivers
        • Phase coherent multichannel pulse analysis

        More information

        Automotive radar & connectivity testing

        Automotive radar & connectivity testing

        Rohde & Schwarz has a comprehensive portfolio of test solutions for automotive radar applications, from development to production.

        We are also offering tailer-made test solutions for remote keyless entry technology requirements.

        • Automotive radar sensor test
        • UWB vehicle access control

        More information

        Pushing the limits of 5G

        6G wireless technology

        6G is already starting to find its form. Learn more about 6g research areas, the technological backbone and testing aspects.

        More information

        Further information
        Free exhibition only tickets available

        Free exhibition only tickets available

        Please sign up for free tickets and visit us at our booth.

        Register now

        Don't miss our presentation at the Defense, Security and Space Forum

        Defense, Security and Space Forum

        Don't miss our presentation

        Wednesday September 28, 2022
        Lunch & Learn: Microwave Journal Industry Session 13:00 - 13:45 CEST

        Addressing the test challenges of next-generation RADAR & EW Systems
        Leander Humbert, Market Segment Manager ADT, Rohde & Schwarz

        More information

        European Microwave Week

        European Microwave Week

        Please visit the offical EuMW 2022 website for further information.

        More information