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        DEMC 2023

        Save the date


        February 7 - 9, 2023


        virtual and on site

        Demystifying the world of EMC

        Delivering expertise – high quality training – free to industry – around the globe

        EMC experts from throughout the industry will be gathered together online, live at the Rohde & Schwarz Demystifying EMC virtual conference.

        In addition Rohde & Schwarz will add on site events around the world.

        Virtual conference

        DEMC 2023 will be broadcast on the same virtual platform in different time zones, so you can make the most of your EMC educational journey. Stay tuned for the detailed agenda.

        Save the virtual event date: February 7 – 9, 2023

        In person on site events worldwide

        Visit one of Rohde & Schwarz’s on-site events at a location near you to view practical demonstrations, connect with industry colleagues and speak with our EMC experts. Dates, locations and registration for 2023 will be available on this web page.

        Lee Hill, Presenter at DEMC
        Lee Hill, Presenter at DEMC

        Call for content

        Rohde & Schwarz is seeking content covering all areas of EMC design, test, measurement, debug and regulatory compliance.

        We are inviting internal and external authors to participate through various formats - conference speaker sessions, webinars, workshops, white papers, application notes or others.

        Please download pdf on topics, formats and time lines.

        Are you ready to submit your topic now?

        Please fill out this submission form online by October 3, 2022.

        We can't wait to read them all!

        digital painter demc 2022

        Review DEMC 2022 in digital format

        Get some impressions on topics, speakers and formats of last years virtual event.

        Event set up

        Conference stream online

        Listen to our live conference stream and ask questions in our live chat.

        Educational area online

        Comprehensive educational resources providing a wealth of content from Rohde & Schwarz and our EMC industry partners. On demand. Just pick and watch.

        Meet the experts face to face at a location nearby

        You want to talk to our experts in person? Have a look where Rohde & Schwarz offers on site events all around the world. Talk to EMC experts and partners face to face and experience our solutions with a touch of your finger.

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