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        R&S Cybersecurity Video EN

        Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity ensures high security and enables digital sovereignty

        Crypto protection of classified information for endpoints and networks

        Your trustworthy IT security specialist for a digitalized world

        Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity is a leading IT security company providing protection against the constant changing cyber threats to governmental and commercial customers with special IT security needs and certification requirements.

        As a pioneer of highly secure encryption technologies we deliver high-speed network encryption and zero trust based endpoint security. The majority of these products is approved for securing “classified information – for official use only” by the German Federal Office for Information Security. These trusted security solutions support users along their way into a secure and digitalized world and thus make a significant contribution to digital sovereignty.

        Encryption of government networks

        Encryption of government networks

        More information

        Security of classified workstations

        Protection of classified workstations

        More information

        Security for aerospace and defense industry

        Security for aerospace and defense industry

        More information

        Security for critical infrastructures

        Security for critical infrastructures

        More information

        News & Media

        Downloads about cybersecurity solutions

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        Company overview

        Get to know Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity better.

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        Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity product overview

        Product overview

        Find out more about our product portfolio.

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        What are cybersecurity solutions?

        Cybersecurity solutions cover all areas of security in information and communication technology. Cybersecurity follows the technical development and is therefore never to be understood statically. It is precisely through networking that the scope of the term expands. Different protection goals are relevant here. The attempt is made to reduce the danger for these objectives by means of appropriate protective measures. These are basically 3 basic safety objectives (C-I-A):

        • Confidentiality: protection against unauthorized access to information during transport
        • Integrity: ensuring that manipulation of the information is detectable by the recipient
        • Availability: Users can access a network such as the Internet and the information and communication services there at any time.

        You can find more information on this in the whitepaper Powerful and secure data transmission as a core element of IT security

        How can cybersecurity be controlled?

        Of course, there are many measures that can be taken. Here are just a few of them:

        • Use strong-passwords: Minimum length are 12 symbols as well as special characters
        • Use a safe browser like our product R&S®Browser in the Box
        • Keep you software up to date
        • When working from home: be sure to be secure there. Read our eBook Home Office Security – on the security of telework
        • Check out security blogs like from Bruce Schneier or Hacker News to be up to date about current security breaches
        What are the top 5 cyber threats?

        According to the German Federal Office for Information Security, these are the top 5 cyber threats:

        Your monthly cybersecurity update

        Your monthly cybersecurity update

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