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        Encryption of government networks

        Encryption of government networks

        Network encryption for highly secure digital communication

        For government agencies, it is essential to secure digital communications - to maintain data privacy, protect sensitive information and meet regulatory requirements. This is where high-speed network encryptors come in, ensuring that confidential data is encrypted end-to-end in real time as it is transmitted over a computer network. The data is only encrypted during transmission, so it is unencrypted at both the sender and receiver.

        With over 30 years of cryptographic expertise, Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity is one of the pioneers in the field of high-speed network encryption. Our Layer 2 and Layer 3 encryption solutions securely protect public authorities from espionage and manipulation and ensure reliable and secure site-to-site connections.

        Use case: Encryption of the Saarland government network

        Every day, huge volumes of data from public institutions are processed in the state data center of the IT Service Center in Saarbrücken with a redundant connection of 10-GBit lines. This includes numerous confidential data with sensitive content and personal data, such as citizens' financial data. The applicable regulations stipulate that this data may only be transported in encrypted form within a state network.

        However, Saarland has gone one step further and is the first federal state to use R&S®SITLine ETH from Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity to implement a modern, flexible and comprehensive encryption system for the state authorities that also allows the exchange of classified information. The Saarland thus complies with the requirement of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for deep encryption with upscale standards. This effectively prevents exchanged documents, data streams or emails from being read by outsiders.

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        Case study: Cybersecurity first in the Saarland

        Case study: Cybersecurity first in the Saarland

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        Webinar: The security setup for the governmental workspace

        Webinar: The security setup for the governmental workspace

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        PITS 2021

        Webinar: PITS 2021 Public IT Security

        Behördenspiegel Thementag

        Webinar: Behörden Spiegel - Thementag (German only)

        Your monthly cybersecurity update

        Your monthly cybersecurity update




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