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        R&S Bargains

        R&S Bargains International

        First quality used equipment

        This is the Rohde & Schwarz Global Bargain portal operated from R&S Headquarter in Munich, Germany.
        Here you will find bargains like the latest generation test and measurement instruments which have been used by our sales teams for demonstration, training and loan.

        All our bargains will be thoroughly

        • checked
        • calibrated
        • refurbished

        before delivery. Please note that this process can take some time depending on the device.

        You can be sure that the pre-owned instruments we offer are first class products at a considerable discount with 1-year warranty. We look forward to receiving your online request.

        Please note that the instruments offered are subject to prior sale. If you are looking for an Rohde & Schwarz instrument, which is not offered in our shop at the moment, please contact us.

        Bargain Categories