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        Stay tuned!

        At our free after-work event at the Munich headquarters, our R&S experts regularly provide insights into the latest technologies, exciting developments and their current projects. Here you have the opportunity to ask your questions, discuss and network.

        Further event dates have not yet been set.

        Would you like to be informed as soon as registration for our next Tech Talk is possible? Please send us an email via the button below and we will be happy to get back to you.

        In the meantime: Insights from our latest Talks


        Is 6G getting an additional sense?

        Download the latest Tech Talk presentation from two of our Technology Managers and learn about the potentials and challenges of Joint Communication and Sensing.


        The future role of AI & ML in wireless communication

        In this Tech Talk, Andreas Roessler and Timo Mayer shed light on the basic research of machine learning and what impact this potential revolution will have on the field of T&M.

        Tech Talk series: 6G mobile communications

        What we need to bring mobile communications to the next level

        Watch our colleague Taro Eichler giving an overview of the "when" and "how" of 6G mobile communications. After that, Maciej Cwiklinski talks about the main challenges in the use of gallium nitride transistors.

        Online Technology Talk IIoT

        Industrial IoT security, common attacks and defense strategies

        In two exciting presentations, our colleagues give an insight into the topic of Industrial IoT Security. They shed light on current threats and show how best to protect against cyberattacks.

        "R&S Cloud": a brief overview of the cloud technology stack at R&S

        Josef Meier gives an overview of the "Rohde & Schwarz Cloud" and technologies used there such as Docker Containers, Kubernetes etc.

        Technology Talk Deep Learning in Microwave-Imaging for Loss Prevention & Asset Protection

        Deep Learning in Microwave-Imaging for Loss Prevention & Asset Protection

        In this talk, Christoph Baur focus on the use of Deep Learning in Microwave-Imaging to address new and diverse challenges in security scanning.


        5G Broadcast _ Convergence of Mobile and Broadcasting Technology

        This virtual Technology Talk showed how the further development of 5G leads to an alignment of mobile and broadcast technology.

        Tech Talk impressions

        Exchanging ideas

        Exciting discussions in a relaxed atmosphere - that's what you can look forward to at our Tech Talks.

        Food & Drinks

        Pizza and drinks - of course your physical well-being is taken care of!

        R&S Showroom

        Enjoy talks on the latest technological topics such as 6G, Autonomous Driving, Cybersecurity, Cloud and much more!

        Networking & discussions

        Of course there are plenty of opportunities for networking, discussion and asking questions.

        Innovative talks

        You will gain exclusive insights into topics of a highly innovative company and be guided through the evening by selected speakers from Rohde & Schwarz.