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        Corporate culture

        Our corporate culture

        Be reliable.

        Did you know that we are a privately owned company that is not listed on the stock exchange? Unlike other major corporations, we are 100% independent and are not confined by the need to think in quarters. This means that we can think and act with the long-term perspective in mind. And in turn, that means that our employees can also count on us in the long term. While they forge ahead with the topics that are important to them and implement their own unique ideas with a high degree of personal responsibility, we also support them in their lives outside of work by providing numerous benefits such as flexible working hours, a company pension scheme and much more – as a family business through and through. You, too, can assume responsibility. Be reliable.

        Our Corporate Culture: Reliable

        We support you beyond the workplace!

        Learn more about the benefits at Rohde & Schwarz.