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        Corporate culture

        Our corporate culture

        Be entrepreneurial.

        There is a lot of entrepreneurial spirit behind the Rohde & Schwarz name: our two founders Dr. Lothar Rohde and Dr. Hermann Schwarz had a truly ingenious idea when they invented the first portable crystal clock back in 1938 – and that certainly wasn't the end of their inquisitive thinking and drive to achieve further technological development. We remain committed to this innovative mindset to this day, meaning that our employees are re-writing history every day based on the motto "Make ideas real": contributing to the revolutionization of mobile communications, the networking of our cities or the optimization of film productions. You too can work with us to turn your ideas into a reality. Be entrepreneurial.

        Our Corporate Culture: Entrepreneurial

        We support you beyond the workplace!

        Learn more about the benefits at Rohde & Schwarz.