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        College and university students

        College and university students

        Start your career - as a college or university student at Rohde & Schwarz

        Fostering the growth of young student talents is important to us. We have various student employment options that will offer you the opportunity to gain practical experience while you're still studying. Not only will you expand your knowledge in your chosen field. While doing so, you'll learn what it means to be part of an international and independent high-tech company.

        What to expect


        Charlotte Esch

        "As a working student in Marketing, I support my team in the planning of trade fairs and the implementation of campaigns, among other things. I can therefore apply my theoretical knowledge from my studies directly in practice and at the same time gain valuable work experience in a large, yet familiar company. I really appreciate the fact that Rohde & Schwarz is strongly committed to working students through numerous benefits."

        Charlotte Esch, working student Marketing


        Marius Brinkmann

        "While working at Rohde & Schwarz, I particularly enjoyed the working atmosphere. I was very well supported throughout the entire period, always had access to the latest measurement equipment with Rohde & Schwarz instruments, and I was given a lot of freedom in choosing the topic of my bachelor thesis. That's why I really enjoyed working on my thesis over the entire period!"

        Marius Brinkmann has recently completed his bachelor thesis in electrical engineering at Rohde & Schwarz


        Maximilian Wiesholler

        "Right from the start I was integrated into a great team of warm colleagues and was able to actively participate in the development of cloud-based systems. Through exciting and varied tasks I have gained a lot of new experience and skills that will help me in my studies and advance my professional future."

        Maximilian Wiesholler is an intern in the field of software development at Rohde & Schwarz

        What we offer our students

        Whether you're in search of a student position or have just graduated: There are many different ways to start your career at Rohde & Schwarz. For example, with an internship that paves the way to the field where you're hoping to work. You can also write your thesis with us.

        We are always very interested in hiring talented individuals who impress us as students. And there are many exciting paths open to you.


        Join us by completing an internship in one of the many departments in our company – from software development to HR marketing. We strive to offer permanent positions after graduation to as many of our interns as possible. We'd therefore be delighted if we could get to know you – and vice versa, of course – through your internship.

        Optional, mandatory or international internships:

        At Rohde & Schwarz we have the right internship package for almost every student – regardless of where they are in their studies. We will entrust important tasks to you while you're still a student, and you'll have the unique opportunity right from the start to be included as a full team member in ongoing projects and development activities.


        • Duration of optional internship: up to three months
        • Duration of mandatory internship: based on the requirements of the university (a mandatory and an optional internship can also be combined)
        • An enrollment certificate is required for the entire period of employment.
        • Please apply at the earliest possible date. Spaces are limited – and in high demand!

        What we offer:

        Naturally we offer much more than just interesting and challenging tasks: for example, excellent conditions, including the monthly salary or flexible hours, perhaps. And incidentally – start dates are flexible.

        Working student jobs

        Gaining work experience while still studying? With a student job with us, that's no problem! Enhance your time at university with crucial hands-on experience while giving us a helping hand as a full member of a Rohde & Schwarz team.


        • Duration: at least eight weeks
        • Weekly working time: up to 20 hours during the semester. At other times, full-time work is possible.
        • An enrollment certificate is required for the entire period of employment.

        What we offer:

        You will appreciate the flexible working hours and above-average compensation based on the number of semesters you have completed at university. As a working student, you'll benefit from helpful colleagues and the experience of top professionals while enjoying the freedom you need to work independently. And incidentally – start dates are flexible.

        Thesis opportunities

        If you're looking for a thesis opportunity with real-world applications and are – preferably – studying electrical, communications or RF engineering; IT; technical computer science or industrial engineering, then our company is the right place for you!


        • Duration of employment: approx. three months to a maximum of nine months
        • Ideally we would like to receive your application four months before your preferred starting date.
        • An enrollment certificate is required for the entire period of employment.

        What we offer:

        We'll work with you and your professor to arrive at an interesting topic in our fields of activity. For the entire duration of your thesis, your Rohde & Schwarz adviser will support you with extensive expert knowledge. Act promptly to secure your position with our company early and start looking forward to attractive compensation, flexible working hours and excellent chances of being hired after graduation. And incidentally – start dates are flexible.

        Our events


        Experience R&S! Virtual Tour

        Experience Rohde & Schwarz from the comfort of anywhere and join our virtual tour to gain exclusive insights!

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        Technology Talk

        The R&S Tech Talk

        Would you like to gain exciting insights into cutting-edge technologies and discuss them with Rohde & Schwarz experts? Visit our "Tech Talk" after-work event!

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        Engineering Competition 2020

        R&S Engineering Competition

        Our 18th Engineering Competition was a great success! Find out who won our 2022 international competition and what challenge had to be solved.

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        Jobs at Rohde & Schwarz

        Join us as a college or university student!

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